Tuesday, February 2, 2010

review: Sahara 1943

I picked this movie up, completely forgetting that I had seen it a couple years ago. I never was good with names.
So, good movie. Bogart, you can't go wrong.
An interesting film about an American tank that was sent to learn desert warfare in North Africa in the beginning of our time in the war. At the beginning we find out the not much is left - orders are to retreat - the only way out is south - which is nothing but desert. So they do. Not far away they come across what is left of a field hospital. A couple of British soldiers and their doctor and a Free Frenchman. They pick them up and continue on. Then the meet a Sudanese soldier who has an Italian prisoner. They pick them up and continue on. The first place they stop for water is out. Bone dry, so they go on some more, to the next possible place to find water. Then, they are attacked by a single german airplane. They manage to shoot it down and they take the man as a prisoner. Then they arrive at the next well - only to find that it is mostly dry, save a trickle. They rest, collecting all the water they can. This is where I end it, because you just have to see what happens.
Again, this is one of those movies that just is an empecable ensemble. No real "names" aside from Bogart. The man who played the Italian (J. Carrol Naish) has the greatest speech in the entire movie. Seriously, amazing. He won a Oscar for his work.
This movie also got Oscars for Best B&W Cinematography and Best Sound.
What really gets you is the ending. I mean, how it all ends up. Seriously, it takes you by surprise. This film really makes you long for a big, tall glass of ice water.
Wonderful movie: 3 and 1/2 out of 5 stars

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