Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Been Awhile, huh?

Time for a minor update I guess.
Really not much to tell. As you can see from previous entires I have taken up the classic film hobby with renewed vigor. Ever since HS I wanted to get through the American Film Institute's Top 100. So, I am working on that and also just picking up random classics. Escapism is a powerful thing.
On top of that, the last month or so I had been in the employ of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center as a Spotlight Operator for their production of Sweeney Todd. Easily the highlight of my being in Colorado thus far. It was a wonderful experience. I've met people and made aqaintances, although I wouldn't go so far as to call them friends yet. I seemed to impress people with my hard work, so I am praying that they will hire me again for working crew on the next show, 'All My Sons'. It's one of my favorites, and even though it has only been a few days, I really miss the feeling of working on a show. Just knowing that I had that to look forward to made me feel a lot better about being here.
That is not to say that everything about this place is bad. It's not. And if I kept having something like that to look forward to, I would feel much better about it. Work at Rumbi Island Grill is going well. I'm getting along with everyone there, and I do like my job. The people are nice, and I seem to be going a good job at my job - so that is okay. I guess it is just that I need something else to look forward to day after day aside from work and coming home. The movies and all the scripts I have been working on are very fine distractions, but that is what they are: distractions.
Oh yeah - I forgot to mention that. One of the other things I have taken up is analyzing scripts lately. Started with Sweeney Todd since I got to see that show every night. I started forming my own opinions, so I started writing them down as if I were going to direct the show. Then I moved to analyzing a little on All My Sons - again, because I hope to work on it here soon. My latest that I've started looking at is Tracy Lett's "August: Osage County." I'm mostly interested in that because it won a Pulitzer prize and a Tony. So, that is yet another thing.
Other than that, there is nothing to talk much about. Steph and Chris have gotten a house, and we will be moving in a couple weeks. Its brand new and in a nice little grouping of homes way outside of Colorado Springs. So, travel will be a pain, but they're really happy about it. It'll be good for Allie too. There is plenty of room for her to run around and a backyard as well. So, that is their excitment.
The only other exciting thing I can really say is that my boss from the summer asked me if I wanted to Assistant Direct a show this year. I, of course, said yes. I am incredibly excited about it and I am completely geared for the summer. Once I get the script, I will start working on it right away. I'm just afraid that I will get in the way of myself. I've never assistant directed before. During shows I have done, I have kept my thoughts to myself, and now that I have the chance to actually speak my mind, I a little afraid I will be too scared to. But, I'm enthusiastic about it right now, and I can not wait for the summer to get here.
Sorry, no pictures to post. Nothing to really take pictures of as if now. I'm going through a bit of an photographic dry spell. To tell you the truth, I have kind of lost interest in it lately. It'll come back, I know, but the drive just isn't there anymore.
Well - that is about it. Until something comes up, you'll just be getting reviews from me for a while.

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