Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Been Awhile ... again

I'm terrible at keeping up with this blog.  Sorry folks.  It gets a little harder once Life starts picking up.  I'm going to try to keep this quick n' dirty ;) Although, you all know that I am not known for either of those things.

Personally: going good.  Lovin' life.  Having some back problems though.  Spasms that hurt like hell for a couple seconds.  My whole body freezes when that happens.  But it is getting easier to live with it; as long as I don't irritate my back too much.  Not easy.  Aside from that, everything is pretty good!

Job: I've been busy.  In May I started by directing a show at Long Lake Theatre.  It was a little odd, adjusting to the new place, but it was fun too.  Great show - 'Over the River and Thru the Woods'  - there was a lot of heart and laughs in that show.  But, I had to leave the show a week and a half before opening because I had to start my job at the Paul Bunyan Playhouse.  So, I had two shows opening on the same day!  Yes, I am back at the Playhouse again, and I am so happy that I am.  I'm SMing the first 4 shows of the season, and doing props for the musical (Suessical!!).  At first I was a little apprehensive about everything, but I feel wonderful about it now.  While I love Props, I am so happy to be able to Stage Manage this year.  I'm loving the job, and I have found a confidence that I never seemed to be able to have before!  I'll be a busy girl this summer!  By the way: if you ever get a chance to see 'The Spitfire Grill: the musical' - DO IT!  I've fallen in love with this show, and it is quickly becoming one that I would love to direct myself someday.  It has absolutely gorgeous music!  (we have a cello & a violin in our orchestra - I was ecstatic when I found out!)

Birthday: it was great.  A little nerve-racking in the morning, getting everything ready for opening at the Playhouse and worrying about the opening at Long Lake.  Fortunately, everything went well on both ends.  Ahren was there to celebrate with me all day, and he gave me the best present: a charm that says "i create"  The words have a very special meaning to me, and he used the gift to boost me up when I was the most nervous and anxious about the show.  I love it, because it will be a constant reminder.  I never think I contribute to the world, but when I really think about it, I do.  I create.  "i create" will also be the name of my theatre company (if I ever am so blessed to start one).  My cast also gave me a gift - one of the best gifts EVER!  A blinged out tape measure!!!  No kidding - it's green with pink and silver rhinestones all over it!  Seriously made me giggle like a little kid!

Wedding:  Things are starting to fall into place, but I just realized the other day that I only had 4 months to go!  Now is the time we have to crack down and make final decisions.  I also have to start asking for help, which we all know I am terrible at.  We've got a list of "to dos" that isn't too terribly long, but it is full of some pretty important things.  So, it's crazy, but the very fact that we are planning our wedding makes it a labor of true love.  It's the little details that are becoming the most fun now.  I found this vintage hat at an antique store that I have strangely become quite attached to, and the girls' gifts make me really happy.  Soon, Ahren and I will focus on decorating more Mason Jars.  I'm looking forward to that!

Ahren - couldn't be more amazing!  Every day with Ahren is a reminder that life is good, that miracles exist, and that God loves me.  According to all the people at the Playhouse, we are the most adorable couple (one even mentioned to her friend that we were as adorable now as we were last year!).  Everyone thinks the world of Ahren, and I think everyone has seen his positive effect on me.  Everything really is a little brighter because of him.  Someone said to me "everyone needs another person to pour their soul into" and Ahren is that person for me.  I'm so happy, it seems unreal!

I think I have written too much already, so alas, it is time to stop writing.  More to come as the summer progresses, I am sure.  If I can find the time to sit and write a blog!