Wednesday, February 24, 2010

review: Brief Encounter

This movie really caught me from the very beginning.
Its about an affair. Very simply, sadly, and sympathetically about two people who are married to other people. Both marriages seem to be polite arrangements - not very I guess what I mean is stoic and slow and sensible. Not extravagant like American film love affairs. This is so utterly simple.
Most everything in this movie is just that: simple. But in a wonderful way. The acting, the direction, the story, the look, everything is so real, so simple - it makes you appreciate the beauty in the simplicity.
The ending scene is so powerful. This only adds to my admiration of things like polite marriage arrangements. I don't think that is the idea of the film, but it endearing that the spouse is not so cheaply written off.
I can't really review this movie - not like I do others. I'm kinda under its spell right now.
I have a very high admiration for this movie after the first watching, and I definitely want to watch it again.
4 out of 5 stars

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