Monday, March 22, 2010


Okay, so what to tell?
Well life has not really been kind to me lately. I didn't get a tech gig at CSFAC's 'All My Sons' I was (and still am) incredibly disappointed by that. Oh well, life goes on. Then I find out that Corporate of Rumbi Island Grill is closing our location. Ten days notice. Just, bam, you're done. I'm pissed. I really liked working there. So, now I am out of a job again. Just what I needed. And looking for another one has not been very fruitful -especially considering that I am looking for something that will last me only until Playhouse starts again.
Upsides: we've moved way out into the "country" but in a nice little community area. Something Ranch. Very nice - up and developing place. Houses are selling like hotcakes out here. It really is nice. I love the place.
Oh yeah - Steph (my sister) is pregnant. The only bad thing about this is that they found out about it two days before Chris was deployed. For a year. So, sadly, he will miss almost everything. They are hoping that he will be able to take his leave sometime close to the due date and then they can induce labor so he can be there for the birth. They are thinking sometime in November. As far as I can tell/was told, everyone is incredibly excited. Especially future (once again) Grandparents. Really, I am just happy that everyone else is happy. I won't lie and say that I am thrilled with the situation that Steph is in. If he weren't gone it would be a totally different story. Oh well - they have to be up to it, they don't have a choice. And really, when the blessing of a baby is involved, who wouldn't be thrilled?
Let's see - what else? I'm considering expanding my reviewing to books and music too. But I really don't know much about how to review those kinds of things. Never really has stopped me before though. I'v recently become a little obsessed with Spring Awakening (the musical). I got the script and I have just been pouring over it. It is once of those scripts I would LOVE to work on. Although, considering all factors, I probably never will. Still, one can dream.
Picture time! Just some of the pics I have taken within the last couple months.

Homeless on the stage - outdoor theatre in a park downtown.

CSFAC theater - isn't it gorgeous?
Steph and Chris getting ready for the farewell military ball.
The adorable couple.
The new place! Allie enjoying the backyard -especially the leftover bits from the housework. This is one of the reasons why I nicknamed her Trash Collector.

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