Wednesday, March 24, 2010

review: Everything is Illuminated

Liev Schreiber as a writer and director. Wow. Who knew? I knew he was an actor, but I had no clue that this movie was his baby. Right from the get-go I had a really good feeling about this movie. I initially picked it up because I love Elijah Wood as an actor. I think he is brilliant. But as the movie started (before Wood was even seen) during the credits and into the opening I could see that this was going to be the director's glory. There is something in the opening that I just love ... Now to see what the rest of the movie holds.

I love this movie! I must, Must, MUST have this in my collection. I was surprised that the movie was not a concentrate on the main character, but a journey of people. It was sensitive and meaningful without being too much of a crying movie. I mean, I cried, but I wasn't racked with sobs like some movie. I don't know how this is done, but I was able to experience and understand the horror without being caught up in it. This is a good thing. So often I target on emotions without considering them. But, with this, I was considered everything. For me, it was a thinking movie.
It is so gorgeously done. Everyone in the cast does an amazing job. It is beautiful from beginning to end - the design is fascinating and the artistic direction of the movie is just something you have to see to appreciate.
No kidding, this is:
5 out of 5 stars

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