Thursday, March 25, 2010

review: Mr. Deeds goes to Town

Oh Frank Capra - how I adore the work you do! Capra is a director for the "real man" - most of his work is about real people in extraordinary circumstances. This is no exception.
The basic plot is that a small town man inherits $20mil from a distant relative. Suddenly everyone has heard of this local yokel and everyone wants a piece of him. Enter a cynical newspaperwoman who goes undercover to write sensational articles about the man. As par, she falls in love with him. Then things take a turn for the worse and ... well you'll see.

The thing about Capra's films is that they are not considered artistically beautiful. More like, simplisticly beautiful - in every aspect. No outshining stars, no overtly complicated anything - but simple, honesty with a small touch of realistic fantastic.

There is not much to this movie. It's just fun - and you find yourself rooting on the little man. Which is the genius of Capra's work. Especially in the 1930s when it was so important for the common man to feel a little good about who they are and what they do. During the Depression, movies like these brought people hope. It took them out of their troubles, gave them some good times and much needed laughter, gave them someone to identify with, to cheer for. - gave that someone onstacles, and showed them triumphing. It was inspiring.
Sorry, I realize that was a little dramatic, but I have a soft spot for Depression era culture and the effect it had on people.
It was reviewed reasonably by critics and box office, won 2 of the 5 Oscars it was nominated for. It is also honored on 2 AFI lists.
Good watch; real cheer value!
3 and 1/2 out of 5 stars

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