Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Auctions and burns

The past 2 weekends have been very intereting for me. But they have also had a painful after-effect. I've been going to auction with my parents. For some reason, the TRF has many of these wonderful auctions. Sometimes they are farm equiptment, but there are also some amazing estate auctions. So, I have been able to get a few finds. A prop cart for $1, a WWII era cot in a bag for $1, a doctor bag and a pair of wooden crutches for $2, and last but not least, a sewing machine and stand for $2 - you know, the old fashioned kind. Here is a picture of the top:

The bottom is iron and it has the pedal, and the sewing machine inside is gorgeous - looks worn, but perfect. Haven't actually tried it to see if it would work, though.
So, I have been lucky. Except for after. After, when I got inside I realized that I was sunburnt. Not just sunburnt ... SUNBURNT. The worst area was just at the hairline on my head. I was stupid enough to keep my bangs back with a headband. And my forhead payed for it! It's still a little tender. So, I'm having second thoughts about checking out the auction scene this weekend. 2 sunburnt weekends in a roll should teach me a lesson, shouldn't it?
I also wanted to show you some of the pics I took at the last auction while I was waiting for them to get started. Some of these are kinda interesting:

A rusted old John Deere tractor. There were about 10 of these older tractors of various makes on auction there.

Some people looking over an old fire department truck. Old, but I think it still ran.

Just a wheel on an old wagon, circa 1900ish

The inside of a 1920s milk truck.

The friend I made at the auction. Fun little pony that snorted at me while I was looking over the tractors.

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