Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day at Red Lake Falls

For Labor Day and for my brother Nick's birthday - happy 30th Nick! - we went to Red Lake Falls for a picnic. It was a pretty nice day for it. It was nice to see Nick, Amy, and the kids. Did a little walking around and played on the playgrounds. Got on a swing, something I haven't done in a while, and I remembered how much I miss it. I used to love swinging when I was little and in 3rd grade I was the champion swing jumper in my class. I tried to teach Daniel how to swing on his own, but either I am a bad teacher, or he is still too young to do it on his own because every 2 minutes he was asking me to get him going again. Between those 3 kids, I got my pusher workout.

Took some pictures and some of them turned out pretty good. I'll only post a few, but if you are interested in more you can check them out either on Facebook or my Photobucket account : mizmouse86

Don't have much more to add to that.
Savanna exploring in the water. She had her own island and decided that her name would be Miss Clam Looker because that is what her job would be.

Just a couple pics I took of this man who was fishing in the park. Thought they turned out kinda cool.

The views of the river from the bridge.

The bridge

The wooden beams of the bridge

Amy going 'round and 'round - weee!

Darling little Matthew: don't let the face decieve you, he's ornery.

Just a fencepost.

Old playground equiptment.