Thursday, September 17, 2009

Late Night Ponders

So. I have had some issues with sleeping. I usually do not get to sleep until about 4 or 5 in the morning. I don't know why, but my mind is so much more alive in the deep dark of the night. I think, I watch movies, I listen to my music, I fool around on the computer, and I write. I feel like I have lost that talent - to write. But I haven't. I just don't have the flair for fiction that I once had. I have even lost a little of my creative non-fiction flare. But that always seems to be case when you lose something to write about. I guess what I do now is coronicaling. I coronical my life. Not so impressive as it may be.

I have been able to work extensively on my movie list. Since I found out it existed, it has been a goal of mine to see all the movies on the AFI's Top 100 Movies. With all this time and all this lack of sleep I have been able to seriously knock off some of them. I found some I really like, and some I really didn't. 2001: A Space Odyssey. I mean, what the hell was that about?! Right now I am watching Doctor Zhivago. A sprawling epic, I would say thus far. But I don't now if I like it or not yet. Beautiful music though.

I just don't have anything to write. At least nothing that is nice to think about. Some not so pleasantries: I still have not gotten a job. Not from lack of trying. I have gotten a call about scheduling an interview with a place in Bemidji, and I have been trying for the last two days to get back into contact with them. Which proves to be harder than it should be. But I'm not going to give them much rest until they do get back with me. I think this would be a wonderful help. A job - in Bemidji. A JOB, in a town where there is at least some theatre. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because, well, it would be a rather big disappointment if I didn't get it. I don't suppose I will, but that will not come from lack of trying. I need something.

Aside thing: My mind has been wracked with dreams of my friends. My dear friends. I miss them so much. A few in particular, and one or two I can not get out of my mind. Thank God for social networking. It makes it so much easier and much more casual. Letters are more romantic, more friendly, more sentimental, more ... meaningful. But there are people you can chat with and you can write on their walls that would deem a letter highly inappropraite. Why is that? I guess the charm of letters is that now they are so formal. I have always been bad at writing letters. I always stop and rewrite. I guess that is why typing is so much easier for me.

Well, I am getting way off subject and I am saying nothing, so I guess I should just quit now. sorry about this waste of a blog. I wish I had something to say, something to tell. But unfortunately I don't. I will try to refrain from blogs like this until I have something to say. Till then or till I get bored again

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