Friday, September 11, 2009

I Have the Coolest Mom

Ok, so I have to write about this. My mom is amazing. As many of you may or may not know, I am currently stuck in Thief River Falls. Finding a job outside of the area is near impossible, and even finding one that is in the area is also proving challenging.
So, having money is a thing - or rather, lack of money. And being apart from all of my friends definately is taking its toll on me. For a shy person, I am rather social - so this seperation from friends, from theatre, is taking its toll on me. Mom and Dad, while they are not like me in this aspect, understand how I feel and are being really good about supporting me through this.
This weekend was supposed to be a lake day which my dear friend, Barry, was going to host. A couple old theatre buddies on a lake doing some outdoor things and camping. Wonderful! Problem enters: no money. No way I can go. I warned Mom that I might be cranky this weekend, and she asked me why. I explained.
Mom told me that I could go, and that she would chip in on gas. Then she got this brilliant idea about her state quarter collection. You see, Mom started collection these quarters to make about 4 sets to collect. She had recently come to the idea that this was a waste, as there were so many of these quarters that they would not really be collectible. So, she decided to give me the quarters to turn to cash so I could go.
So we counted and sorted these quarters and I took them to the bank. I got about $50 out of it. So, it was settled, I was going.
As it happens, the event was canceled. But that is beside the point.
The point is, she did that for me. She knew that this meant a lot to me, and she went the extra mile to make sure that I could have this weekend of fun. It doesn't even matter that it is not going to happen. I mean, it does a little, because that sucks, but it means so much more to me that Mom did that.
So, yeah. I have the coolest Mom.


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