Sunday, August 30, 2009


I don't quite know what brought this on, but I have been thinking about dance a lot lately.
I love dance - Any kind. I appreciate it all. But I think what I love most is Social Dance. Not to be confused with Ballroom. Ballroom dances, mostly are competition in style, and while it is very impressive, it is a little too impersonal for me.

I especially love the Waltz. I adore it, really. It is the most beautiful movement. And the music. It's just such a sweet and romantic dance. Plus, its the only one I'm okay at. I can decently Foxtrot and a little Swing. Somewhat bearable with Rumba, and I get the concept of Cha Cha and West Coast Swing. But Waltz I can feel. It's as close to confident as I get. Honestly, there are times when I am waltzing that I can stop thinking about and just feel it.

When and if I ever get married, I want my first dance with my new husband to be a Waltz. And following this fantasy further, I need to Two-Step with my dad, Swing with my brother, Foxtrot with my friend Rob, and Waltz and East Coast Swing with Barry.

I miss social dancing. About as much as I miss singing. The good thing about singing is that you can do it alone. Dancing, to work right, you kinda have to have a partner. As terrified as I was in class and at the monthly dances, I also enjoyed them. Dancing can be so fun with the right people and in the right spirit.

Try it sometime. Any kind of dancing at all. Even dancing at home with a blanket ...


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