Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Review: The Blue Bird 1918

This was such a beautiful movie! I had seen the Shirley Temple version when I was young, and I had also read the play it was based on, so I picked this one up to give it a whirl. I am so glad I did!
It was made in 1918, and was apparently found in the George Eastman collection suffering badly from negative damage. They were able to save it somewhat. I mean that there are still problems with the negative, but overall, the film was saved.
And thank goodness it was. This is a little gem of a film. You can tell that it was either influenced by, or a precursor of the Expressionist movement in films. The special effects, the lighting, the direction of it and the design are all just beautiful.
Basic Plot: a brother and sister (who are not very nice children) are visited one night by a fairy who tells them that they must find the Bluebird (legendary for being the essence of happiness). "Things" are brought to life to aid them on their journey. The go into the Palace of Night, into the Past, the Palace of Joys, and even the future to try and find the Bluebird. Again, I will stop there because you HAVE to see this film for yourself. I can't do it justice. The Shirley Temple version is pretty good too, and apparently there is another version with Elizabeth Taylor in it as well.
4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars!

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