Monday, August 30, 2010

Here it is ...

This is has little to do with me and more to do with other people. At least this first part:
I hate it when people make my friends cry. HATE IT! Why, why, why do people have to be jerks to other people? Why does making others feel bad about themselves make them feel good? (Did that make sense?) I don't understand people sometimes, I really don't. And what I don't get more is why people LET others make them feel bad. I don't understand, I just don't. No names mentioned, but a good friend of mine was seeing this guy (sorta, their relationship was never defined by either one) and she did something big for him - life-altering kind of thing - which was at his request. Not too long after the life-altering thing, he began to question their relationship and since then they have been in a relationship through Text message only - and not just sweet texts, but also fighting through texts. What is up with that? This guy was such an asshole and she changed so much for him. Mistake #1. He made her feel bad about things that she liked to do, like hanging out with her friends, etc. And she still took it! ARG! Since they have mostly been not speaking, she felt comfortable going back to doing the things she likes to do. Today he messaged her and accused her of "returning to her old ways" And continued to try and make her feel bad about those things. ARG! ASSHOLE! And she feels bad, and I feel bad for her, but she is not helping herself at all, and the whole thing is just frustrating!

That aside - things with "Dog Sees God" seem to be going well. TU meeting tomorrow night that I was told to come to. Which doesn't makes sense to me because I was told they were not allowed to discuss shows without first talking to Patrick. Oh well, we'll see what happens. Did 2 different script analysises (sp?) One for me, and one for the students. But after all that work, I just have to say this: I had BETTER get to direct this show, and they had BETTER NOT have a problem with paying me for my work because, wow, I have already put in a TON of time on it. I'm getting really geared up for it! The best part: I can actually forsee this happening. If TU really gets it together, this could be one of the best shows they have done in the recent past. I think they can do it, and I have a completely optimistic view about the whole thing. For Now. I am sure at one point of another, something will change, and I will worry, but as for right now, things are looking pretty good. I even have a loose concept statement that I am PSYCHED about! This could happen!


  1. I agree on the first part, I want to poke people like that in the eye!
    Analyses (sounds like seas or sieze at the end) is the plural of analysis, fyi. The work you are doing sounds great, I hope you are able to direct and get paid!

  2. Unfortunately, things like text messaging take away (or inappropriately add) emotion from a situation so tensions may get bottled up until one person lets it out. Also, one person's sincerity may be another person's sarcasm. I'm not saying that's what happened here, but since we are all different, we may listen to someone and take our own interpretation away from the matter.

    I'm still thinking this part through, so hear me out. One thing I've heard before is that 'there's a sliver of truth behind everything'. Now, the context is geared toward jokes, especially ones that play on various stereotypes, but I think that's something we as people think about everything. So getting a text that says "I can't believe you hang out with your friends so much" may be read and then someone may think "do I really spend too much time out with friends?" trying to see if that's true or not. This is just my thoughts on the matter, so take it or leave it, but that might be part of why we let other people get us down.

    I'm glad to hear you're doing well with the shows in the works and I hope you get the director spot! Rock on Teej!