Friday, August 27, 2010

another Update - Dog Sees God, etc

We'll quick update and move on to more interesting things.
I'm doing okay, sorta. Not having a job sucks, especially when bills are slowly trickling away all my savings. So, good-bye rent money, it was nice knowing you. Did have an interview at a Verizon store. Said I would hear back in a couple days or so. Not too encouraged, but I did all I could. Hoping it comes through. Hoping anything comes through. If not, Wal*Mart, here I come.
Knee is doing SO much better. I haven't had to wear the brace in a couple days, and just today I found out that I could go upstairs walking regular with little problem. Going down is still a bit of a problem. The knee gets a little stiff and unsure after three or four steps. But other than that, all good - THANK GOD!

On to more interesting things:
Don't remember if I mentioned this or not last time, but I am currently working on getting together a production of 'Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead' with BSU's Theatre Unlimited group. If they can find their way to pay me, I will be doing the show. I feel kinda bad about asking them for money, but I need all the help I can get and I have already invested a lot of my time into it. On one hand I have my guilt because apparently they don't have a lot of money (what the Heck happened to it all, I don't know) and I want to do this show so badly. But on the other hand, I HAVE to start getting paid for my work. I would be okay with making it a labor of love if I was in school, but I wouldn't be helping them out, or me, by doing this. The students need to understand (as I never did in school) the importance of the business side of theatre.
I'm getting INCREDIBLY excited about the show! I've got a loose concept running around in my brain, now I just have to get it concrete on paper. I'm getting a lot of ideas and I just kinda need someone to bounce those ideas off of right now.
AMAZING thing: I actually got to talk to the author of the play. It was wonderful! He was so nice and incredibly open to my questions. He is sending me the original script and has given me permission to use it if we like it better than the published one. I was so happy to be talking with him, and he just kinda confirmed a lot of the things that I was thinking about the show, and gave a new perspective on it to. Very excited to read the original script and now I can hardly wait to get working on this!
I can only hope that the group is as gung-ho about this as I am. This is such an opportunity for them! It's an edgy show with a lot of message written in the comedy, so it will be wonderful if they just give it 100%. I know they can do this, and I know this can be better than anything they have done before. The only hard part is going to be breaking out of the lackluster way their shows are usually produced. Nothing against them, but in the past (yes, I was apart of it too, I admit) not enough consideration was given to the technical and business side of the production. And if there is one thing I have learned since my time at BSU, it is the importance of tech theatre. A lot of people don't get that, and it makes for lesser quality shows. (don't even know if that sentence works structurally, but hey, there it is.) I can not WAIT for this!

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