Friday, December 4, 2009

What I did today

Got woken up by Steph about 15 min before my alarm was set to go off. I hate that.
Got up, got dressed in an nice/casual outfit for my interview, packed up and left with Steph to take her to work.
Dropped her off, got on the road to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Got to see a little of a whole other side of CS. It's pretty nice downtown.
Found CSFAC. Only took 1 wrong turn - woot!
Informed the lady at the front desk that I was there. She informed the Technical Director. Wait about 10-15 min. Which gave me ample time to MARVEL at their chandelier. Seriously, you have never seen anything so interesting be called a chandelier before. It was like blown glass balls and swirls all tossed in together in shades of light blues, yellows, greens, and whites. Gorgeous.
Met the guy, went to the back of the theatre house of a quickie interview. NICE space. Definately an art deco themed with a wonderful racked house. Stage was kinda small it seemed, but that might have just been the way the current set made it look. Beautiful though, and all the systems were updated 4 years ago, so it is really quite nice.
Talked with the man a little bit. Told me I kinda stood out to him because I put Etiquette and Social Dancing as other skills. Looked like I was a combo of what they needed. He said they are always looking for SMs and ASMs and crew. Yes!
Wham, bam, thank you ma'am, we're done.
Thank you for seeing me, and I am out the door.
Drove back to the mall where I was to waste a couple hours until Stephanie got off from work. Wandered aimlessly, which was kinda nice. Got to go into every store and wish I had money to spend there - especially in Borders. Got to go into the pet store and marvel at the kittens. I want one! Also got to take a look at the adorable puppies. Hey, maybe this is just me, but it seems like everytime I go into stores like that most of the dogs, hamsters, and cats are sleeping.
Drove to Wal*Mart, had a brilliant idea. Figured it would be nice for me to make them dinner. Has to be something somewhat nice, but has to be on a budget ...hmm. I know! Burritos! Okay then, I'll do it and was just about to start shopping when I got the "come and get me" call from Steph.
Dropped what I was doing and picked her up and we went on a little Bank-a-thon. (I am not even going there - too long a story and too boring)
Started to drive home. Realized Stephanie had to go take a pre-employment drug test, so went there instead.
Test done, NOW time to go home.
Get home. Get the word from Chris that burritos sounded good.
So off to Wal*Mart (again) I go. Suddenly everyone is at Wal*Mart. Get everything I need. Get to the register, and even with buying everything as cheaply as I can, I go over what I had hoped to spend. Payday from my job is still not until next Tuesday. CRAP.
Get home, start making food.
Chris makes Margaritas, Steph ... does nothing but bother Chris (lovebirds) Allie follows everyone, which makes the kitchen crowded, and pees on the floor. Bad puppy.
Food done, we eat and drink and be merry.
Allie pees again. Bad puppy. What is wrong with her??
Go to my room, start surfing the net, answering emails, and watching Stargate SG1 series. (I know, dorkish, but I kinda miss watching it with Barry and having him explain everything)
Still here. Need another glass of tea or something. Could go for a nice Diet Coke, but #1: we don't have one in the house and #2: wanna keep a good thing going. (I have reduced my soda intake a lot)
It's too darn dry here; I am constantly parched.
Every now and then I look out my window to the window across the street and wonder: what the heck is that lighted christmas decorations supposed to be???
Ahhh, sweet mysteries of life.
Should go to bed. Work tomorrow @ 10-2:30. Whew - longest stretch yet. We'll see what mornings are like at the Rumbi Island Grill. Hope I don't mess anything up. Got to learn the sause container colors and remember to punch in the number before I begin the order. And to upsell, and to remind them where to go boxes and utensils are. And a million other things.
Enough for tonight. I'm tired ... and thirsty.

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