Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Been a While, huh?

Well, that is what happens when you have nothing to report.
But I do now, so here we go:

As most of you know, I have still been unable to find a job. I've pretty much run out of money and time. Bills are piling up and I'm pretty much having to default on all my student loans. On top of which, I also have been having some medical problems.

Bad news aside ....

I am now in Colorado with my sister. Mom, Dad, and I have been talking about the possibility for a while. Since there was nothing in Thief River, and I had to look for work in a town where I wouldn't have to worry about rent, and Steph needed some company with Chris gone for a while, we jumped on up and moved me out.

I arrived yesterday and today I am resting up, cleaning the apartment, doing some online searching, and getting myself settled in.

The trip was amazing. I left from Grand Forks and flew to Minneapolis (my first plane trip!!!), connected with another flight and arrived in Denver where Steph and miss Allie picked me up and took me "home." Despite the fact that I was borderline ill, I rather liked flying. Take off was a little hard on my stomache on the first flight, but soon I was in the pink and enjoying it all. Luckily, I was on a windowseat for that flight. It's obvious why Minnesota is called the land of 10,000 lakes. It is beautiful from the air. Patchwork fields with river seems. And the water, oh my, from the air, the water looked as if it was painted - literally, I could see brush strokes, but I am sure it was the cloud's reflections, but when the sun hit it, it turned into liquid silver and just sparkled. It was beautiful. The Minneapolis airport was nice, I wish I had more of a layover to wander around a little. The Denver airport seemed nice, but I didn't really pay too much attention as I was busy trying to figure out where I needed to pick up my bags and find Steph.

Colorado is pretty nice. I was a little disappointed in how brown everything is. The grass is DEAD here. Still, it's nice. Not bad weather, 40s-50s. And mountains. Holy Cow, Mountains! It's a really hilly region and off in the distance (it always there) are the mountains. Steph was not kidding when she said that mountains were not far. Literally, she has a view from her living room couch and balcony of Pikes Peak. It's amazing.
Her and Chris' apartment is really quite nice. The only thing that sucks is the stairs. There're not bad, just a pain for bringing in anything. Aside from that, it is great. I get a room to myself, and a bathroom connected to it too. They've got a big ass tv in the living room and a hell ton of dvds as well as an internet connection, thank god. Its not bad while it is just us girls here, but I have to confess that I am a little worried about when Chris gets back from training. He did say it was ok for me to be here for a while, but since he has been in non-communication training, he has no idea that I am here. I know he will be okay with it, and I know he is a nice guy, but you all know me, I get terribly shy with new people. Which means that Thanksgiving is going to be really awkward. Steph and Chris have at least 3 other people coming over, if not more, unless he is not back from training yet. So yeah, gotta break out of that shell quick. Although, sometimes it is not a problem at all, so lets hope my awkwardness takes a hike that day. I'm a little homesick. I had a dream last night about my Bemidji pals. It is just wierd knowing that I will not be able to see them for a while. And I don't even know how long. Oh well ... *gulp*

Back to the medical thing - don't worry, it is nothing too bad, at least for now. We decided since it wasn't that bad, that I could just wait until I got a job with health insurance. But, it is forcing me to get on a diet of sorts. Which I don't really have a big problem with. Mostly, it has been functioning as an appetite suppressant, which is great for me. But I have to cut back on dairy and foods with a lot of spice, flavor, and acid. Mexican and cheese are on a much limited intake. :( Bland is the thing suggested, and that kinda sucks. I like flavor, what can I say? Oh well, its helping me get on a healthier track.

I guess that is more than enough for now. I'll probably post again soon. Till then, tata!

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