Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Poor, but I Wanna get Married: 1st finished DIY project and update

They're finished!!

First off, how do you like my Ring Bearer Pillows?  I guess they're not much, but I'm a little proud of them, even though I know I really don't have a right to be.  Like I said, they're not much.
Well, at least my first DIY project is complete.  And I did this one on my own!  Woot!

Let's see, what else???  Here is the updated Save The Dates designed by Ashley Masias.  Ashley is my dear friend from college, and she has been gracious enough to do the Save the Dates for us as well as the invitations.  She's ridiculously talented, and she knows me so well.

Let's see, what else???  Oh yeah, I bought a wedding dress.  This might be a cautionary tale for other brides.  So, you know about most of the drama from the last blog (which I would like to take this time to apologize for.  Sometimes you just have to let it all out).  Part of me wants to re-hash all of that, but I don't want to go there, so read the previous blog for full details.  I figured I would buy my 2nd favorite dress online because it was only On Sale online.  So, it comes down to the time when I have to make my online purchase and I CAN'T FIND THE DRESS ON THE WEBSITE.  It's gone.  Completely!  I checked to see if it might have moved to the Outlet section, but no.  It's just gone.  Thinking about it now, I don't understand why I didn't have a small heart attack.  The good thing was that I had a couple other options, which I quickly narrowed down to 2.  It ended up being me and my mom discussing my two options in the kitchen, and making a decision before we all gathered to play pinochle.  Here's the scary part: I have not tried on a sample of the dress.  This is a big "no-no" for brides.  It's a huge risk.  So, I am a little nervous.  But there is something I do feel really good about: I know that with this dress, I am going to feel like a bride.  That was a fear of mine from day 1.  When I was looking at really cheap and simple wedding dresses, I was always concerned that I would not feel the part on that day.  But with the dress I chose, at least on the fashion side, I know I am going to have that feeling.

On the ceremony front: we had it narrowed down to 2 possible locations.  Admittedly, it has taken way too long to get this nailed down.  And a number of things were depending on the choice.  I feel terrible that Ahren did not get his wish on the location.  He really wanted an outdoor wedding, but once we had to move the date of the wedding, we decided that inside would be safer.  October is a little ... unsure, as far as weather goes.  So, we narrowed possibilities down to either the church we have both been attending, or the theater where I have worked for 7 years.  Well, I called the Pastor today, and he told me that the church will probably not be available.  So, location number 2 it seems to be.  We'll email the reserve tonight and meet with someone soon to book it.  So, crossed fingers all, and hope nothing goes wrong.

Well, one last thing: Ahren decided he wanted to book Althea's Cakery to make our wedding cake, so we've got a testing coming up on March 10th!  I'm excited!  If you're around Bemidji, I highly suggest swinging by the Cakery and trying their cupcakes.  TO DIE FOR!  So, I will probably dish on that afterwards!

Until then: hugs and kisses from the future Mrs!

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