Saturday, May 7, 2011

Updates, reviews, and more ... oh my!

Oh, where to begin? I know it has been awhile. (You know, it seems like I start almost every blog with that lately ... or not so lately, as it goes.)

Here's what you missed on Teej's Life:

Teresa's living in Bemidji, Mn, at her friend Sarah's house (for now) and working at Lueken's Villiage Foods North as a Cashier/Bagger/Service Counter/Bookkeeper, or as she likes to call it FESA (Front End Super Associate). She's making fair money, but with all the bills she has to pay, she's not actually making much ... oh well, that's life. In February, a boy that she kinda liked at work got her some flowers, and they started dating soon after. She met his family, and he's met hers, and no one got hurt, so that's good. For as little actual time as they have been together, they're pretty serious about each other, and it's a for sure that sometime down the line there will be wedding bells. Speaking of wedding bells - they are pealing, but they're for Teresa's sister, Stephanie, who will be marrying Christopher Manikowski on May 28th. Teresa is a bridesmaid, and she was asked to make a speech at the reception. She's crazy nervous about that, and has no idea what to say - suggestions, anyone?? Coming up soon, Teresa will be starting work at the Paul Bunyan Playhouse for the summer (which she has done for the last 6 years), but this might be her final year, and she's starting off the summer more than a little disappointed at taking a step backward in her job as she won't be able to Stage Manage a show this time. Major bummer, but what can you do? Despite that, the summer looks like it is going to be amazing.

And now you are caught up. At least, I think you are.

Here is where I insert a review of sorts - something to deflect from me for a little while:

The Fast and the Furious (all 5 ... yes, all 5!) So, I didn't think I was going to like these at all. Really. I am not all that into cars (mostly because I know NOTHING about what makes a car awesome. I mean it, when it comes to cars, all I know is how good the body looks :S) But, Ahren is really into cars and these movies, so I thought: what the hell, why not? Well, they aren't all that bad, actually. There is a story there. Nothing drastic or dramatic, but entertaining. Design is pretty great, considering most everything is about the cars. Although I will say this: the type of people they portray as being into cars are almost all alike: sluts and gangstas. At least, all but the actual main characters themselves. I was more than a little turned off by that kind of thing. But, it's a guy movie, so what did I expect? Booty shorts, cleavage, cars, muscles, and money. Anything I miss? Hmm - don't think so. That aside, I did enjoy the movies. I wouldn't watch them everyday, but once in a while. Acting wise: it's okay. Least Favorite: I would have to go with ... okay that one is actually tricky. I don't think I have a least favorite. They all kinda fall into a : 'meh' catagory. Just there, okay, but nothing amazing. However my Favorite: by far, number 5. No kidding, this movie is GREAT (as far as these movies go). It's like 'Ocean's 11' meets street racing, add a little bit of 'The Untouchables' and some of 'The Fugitive' combined with 'Rambo'. Seriously, I know that is a lot to take in, but trust me, when you see it, you'll get what I mean. #5 is by far the best. I loved it! And if you go to see it in the theatres, stick around - don't leave as soon as the actual movie is over, you'll miss a little bomb they drop on you. Totally caught me and Ahren off guard. Overall, the collection gets about a 3 1/2, but the last movie alone gets a 5 star salute from me.

On to other things: How about this: Ahren. Yeah, things are GREAT. I can't even begin to describe how good things are between us. After the summer is over we are going to be moving in together somewhere. Probably an apartment in town (for work sake). We've grown so close so quickly. I am completely in love with him. And, although sometimes I have to pinch myself over this, he is in love with me. I can not believe my luck. I don't deserve this, I know it. But I know that love is a gift from God, and I am treasuring it, and doing my best to deserve it. We're completely devoted to each other, without being overwhelming. We've gotten past the overtly giddy stage (almost. I mean, there are still times when he walks into the room and I get this ridiculous smile on my face), and now we're just utterly comfortable with each other. We've gotten approval from both our immediate families. Come Steph's wedding, he is going to be meeting a lot of my elongated family, and I couldn't be more excited about that. We're just waiting for the summer to begin. Just being able to get out more, and we both get to introduce each other to our passions: Cars for him, and theatre for me - and what is even better: we're both excited for that. I can not wait for him to take me to our first dirt track race, and he actually wants to jump right in and help out at the playhouse. I'm so lucky. He is the greatest thing to happen to me. He's always there when I need him, and most of the time, he is always there when I just want him to be there - and he doesn't mind that. Last night, I was feeling terrible, and he stopped over after work. He just came in, gave me a kiss and a hug and stayed with me. We cuddled together - something he actually doesn't mind at all - and there we were, just in each other's arms. It was bliss. Pretty much every day with him is.

Okay, okay, enough gushing, I guess. Just so you know, I could say so much more. :D

Other thing: health. Going through some problems again. Same thing as before: some gallbladder problems. Can't eat after a certain time, can't eat a lot, lost a lot of my appetite. But this time, I had Ahren. No, I am not back to gushing, I'm serious. His dad went through problems with his gallbladder, and Ahren shared some suggestions. Papya. Apparently it is great for your digestive system. Enzyme tablets after every meal, and juice occassionally. It's not a miracle worker, but it certain helps A LOT! I'll look forward to when this starts to go away again. It's more under control than it was before. but it's still there. Another small thing Ahren introduced me to: the hot towel. No kidding, I didn't think about this before. I don't have a heating pad, and I needed one the other night, so Ahren grabbed my towel and threw it in the dryer for a little while. Oh My Gosh, it was AMAZING! So soothing,. Eased my tense muscles and the pain. Didn't end it, but certainly allowed me to relax a lot more. So, word to the wise: hot towels do wonders.

Shoot ... I had a lot more to say. But time is running out and I have to get ready for work. More on that later, I am sure.

Sorry to leave you so soon! But, hopefully I will come back soon with a better post that is less update, and more current substance.

Love and Hugs!


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