Thursday, November 25, 2010

review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1

I admit, I was impressed. Of course, I expected to be. Word got 'round quick that this was a good one, and it is.
Design/Concept: wonderful! Of course, you have come to expect that from Harry Potter movies, but they REALLY outdid themselves with this one. Especially the animation (that's right - animation!!) for the story of the three brothers. GORGEOUS!! Not to mention there are some abesolutely beautiful screen shots in there. I really mean it, just beautiful.
Acting: fantastic all around. Say what you will about child stars - the group in this movie are good. Especially the core three. I really can not wait to see what they do now that they are done with HP.
Writing: Okay, something had to take a hit, and well ... the writing got more than a little corny at points. But, it wasn't very bad at all. Just not on par.
I know I am missing a lot of other factors, but those are the ones that stuck out, which usually means that the other aspects did their jobs well enough.
Story - no spoiler here. Anyone who has read the books will approve, and those who haven't won't care.
Now I really want to re-read the book, which makes this a DARN good movie.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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